I have been looking for the perfect motorcycle jacket (for fashion purposes only!) for about 5 years. The perfect jacket had to fit the following criteria:

1. It couldn’t be black

2. It couldn’t be too bulky or add weight

3. It had to work dressed up or dressed down.

4. It couldn’t be too expensive

Last week I saw that jacket walking down the street on this girl-

Sorry it’s a little blurry. I didn’t want to press my luck by making her pose for a second shot!

I just HAD to know where she got it, so I tapped her on the shoulder, told her that her jacket was amazing and asked her where she got it. Ambiance in Noe Valley! (site of earlier blog post find, Summer Brights in September) The jacket isn’t brown or black, it is kind of a mixture of the two colors with a little bit of grey too. Hoping I wasn’t going to weird her out I asked her if I could touch it. She said yes. It is not leather, but it is fully lined. It gives warmth, but is not too hot which is great for layering. The front has this drapedĀ zippered fabric that really ups the cool factor. I am very happy she let me take her picture.

On Monday I had a little extra time so I went to Ambiance and picked one up. It’s made by arc & co. It is $125.00. I am over the moon with it.

Call Ambiance and put one on hold for yourself, your daughter or your mom. It really is the perfect jacket. Here is the link to the site with all the locations and numbers.

Click Me

They are carrying the jacket at all 4 stores.

I cannot wait to wear t his with pretty much everything

What perfect thing have you found recently?


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  1. Hey this is me! I can’t believe we ran into each other again today! It looks like you love this jacket as much as I do… It goes with everything.

    • Yes, exactly.But this other one I got that I will be posting about soon can really go over anything. It is awesome.

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