Bits and Pieces of Urban September


We kicked off the month with a trip to San Francisco Zoo with the cousins.

And so it begins

First Instagram shot where I hashtag #urbanplayground. The idea for the blog is born. Here I am walking up the California Street hill in my attempt to shrink my behind.

Nighttime Ice Cream run. Counter productive to above mentioned goal.

Chloe and Chick Corea

Chloe sees Chick Corea and Stanley Clark at Yoshis SF.


All of us

A very rare photo of all of us. I had to bribe Ella.

Date Night

Date night at Farley Bar in Cavallo Point in Sausalito. If you have not been, drop everything you are doing and go now.

Lost a tooth!

Tooth Fairy does not show up for three nights in a row. Word on the street is that she was handling a lot of children in China. She makes up for it by leaving $5.00 on the fourth attempt.

Ella’s Animals

Almost every day Ella finds a bug or worm in the school yard and hides it in her hand ALL DAY throughout school to take it home. Some survive and some don’t.

Baby Phoebe has totally stolen my heart

Girls on the Run

Chloe starts an after school program called “Girls on the Run”. Two days a week she is training for a 5K that she will run in December.

Dodge Commercial

Chloe plays a ballerina in a Dodge Commercial.

Meditation at the gates of China Town

Almost every morning at 7:30 this man is there.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Phoebe learns hand control.

Morning talks


Dolores Park Fun

Baby Shower

I have some fun at a Baby Shower at Neiman Marcus. I drank the pregnant lady’s champagne! (She didn’t need it anyway)

Cover Shoot

Chloe books the cover of a Magazine and shoots on the streets of Petaluma with Stephanie Rausser. Coat by Burberry which is awesome and all, but it was pretty hot.

Cooling off

Being Flexible

I make it through a whole grocery store visit with Ella and Phoebe without incident. Ella explains that “flexible means when someone cuts you in line at school and you don’t get mad”. Kindergarten is doing some good things for this girlie.

Giants Win!

Giants win something that is good and it’s a big deal to my husband and all his brothers. It’s a big deal to me too, but I cannot remember what it is they won and am too lazy to look it up right now.

Fall Arrives in San Francisco

We barely have leaf changes here in the city and I cannot wait until next week when I visit Chicago to take Phoebe to meet her Great Grandmother and see the fall colors.

Sightseeing the Sightseers

Tourists were still going strong throughout September.

Morning Fog

Trapeze Arts

We had Saturday visits weekly to Trapeze Arts in Oakland where the girls have a really fun time. Go check it out. Their classes for kids are really affordable and they have adult classes as well. There is also parking.

Sunday Breakfast

I don’t make the girls breakfast during the week, so this is my attempt to make up for it.

Pile of dirt

We continue to work on upgrading our yard.

Laying the sod

Crafting with Ella

Phoebe is able to sleep unswaddled now.

We are working to get Phoebe sleeping for longer stretches at night and no swaddling during naps.

Enjoying the new yard.

On the last day of September the kids put good use to the new lawn playing Video Games on their brother’s computer.

September was an action packed month. I am so happy I have started this Blog. It has been great fun so far. I really like hearing from people who read it. It has also motivated me to get more stuff done so I can write about it!

Love Jen





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