Little things can make a big difference

When I was born my family was poor. Really poor.

My mom was at a store when I was very small and wanted to buy an outfit for me. She got to the register added up her cash and she didn’t have enough. She broke down in tears. Could you imagine having a new baby, being hormonal and tired and on top of that not having enough to buy the simple necessities to care for your baby?

The woman told my mom “That’s ok”, slipped it in the bag and gave my mom the clothes. That story stuck with her for years and she told it to me many times.

My mom and I in slightly more affluent times

I wish I knew where that check out lady was so I could thank her. My mom went on to start her own business, buy her own house and succeed in everything she set out to do.

Recently Rebecca Minkoff Tweeted about voting for a charity. If we voted and posted a picture of us voting we could win a Rebecca Minkoff Purse. I have been dying for one of her bags.







I am new with twitter. Hashtags, @soandso, it’s all new to me. But I figured out from Rebecca’s tweet that the non-profit organization that was running the giveaway was called Baby Buggy and they were working to win a partnership with treasure & bond, a retail store whose profits go 100% to charity.¬†Go to treasure & bond’s website. It is gorgeous.

Baby Buggy was started to help families who are living in poverty with basic vital necessities to raise their children. Things like diapers, clothes, high chairs, strollers and books. They work all over the United States to help children in need. Follow them on Twitter (@LoveRecycled). They have the most amazing quotes about children and the importance of fostering and caring for them.

The next morning after I voted I woke up to a Tweet. A private message Tweet that I had been the first winner and to pick my prize! What?!! I never win anything. I was floored.

I of course chose the Rebecca Minkoff bag and I am pretty sure it is in the mail to me which I am just BEYOND grateful for as it was not very hard for me to just go online and vote.

So what can I do to give back? Tell you about the contest so YOU can go vote for Baby Buggy so they can win this great partnership with Treasure & Bond. Voting ends on the 31st and you can vote every day. You might win something!

You never know what it could do for someone.

Vote Here



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  1. Great story but all I can think about is that the check out lady stole from the small business person that owned that store – unless of course she was the owner or she paid with her own money. I’m deciding that that is the case! Oy vay. Sorry… that’s what I thought of. I’m ALL about charity and participate in voting for non-profits online all the time for my charity – I chair the board of The Community Learning Center. Anyway…. GREAT on winning the bag and fabulous on paying it forward in your blog!! I’ll go vote now :)

    • You have a point! Well maybe she put the money in for my mom. It was Toys R Us. They seem to have done just fine. (not that I think stealing is ok!)

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