5 Blogs that I like

I have been following a few blogs recently and I like them each for different reasons.

Here are my 5 favorites.


1. Minkette – This is the Blog that got me into Blogging. I love that it is a post every day M-F and they are usually pretty simple, visually gorgeous and a bit glamorous.

2. The Man Repeller – I learned about The Man Repeller from Minkette. I must say I usually have no idea what the hell this chick is talking about ┬ábut there is something about her and I can’t keep my eyes off her posts and her Instagram feed.

3. Whoorl – Anyone who quits selling pharmaceuticals to write about lipgloss, hair, kids and life has my vote. She’s cute and also when you read her blog you feel you have a connection with her and she responds to her readers. One afternoon I found myself looking on line to find HER the right type of suede bootie…. what??!!! Like I have time to shop for other women??? But it was fun.

4. Rookie Moms – This blog is great. It has all sorts of ideas of things to do with small kids. It is run by two moms who are by now not so rookie. One of the reasons I like it is they will respond to your comments and you feel a sense of community on the blog that is genuine. There is also some really good advice and tips on there.

5. How to Be a Dad – What is actually awesome about this blog is seeing how much these two guys love their families despite the continuous jokes about marriage and kids they make. Under the veil of “zombie babies” and “diaper thongs” are two guys who think their kids are totally rad and secretly started a blog to gush about them.


Send me some links of blogs that you like in the comments below! Tell me what it is you like about them. I am new to all this blogging business and would like to find more to follow.

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    • Cool- have fun with it. Rookie Moms recently posted some really cool ideas about baby led weaning. (it’s not what the title implies) It is a new view on baby food I cannot wait to try.

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