A little more effort

The above picture is not how I normally dress. It was my Halloween costume. I went as a “fashion blogger”. The photo was a joke.

However, when I showed up to a Halloween Party last night no one asked me what I was. They just told me I looked good. This got me thinking. Why don’t I put just a tad more effort into how I look?

Putting this outfit together took 10 minutes. Is that really that much harder than yoga pants?

The other day I was leaving Peets with Phoebe and as I was pushing the door open with my behind a gorgeous and impeccably dressed man went out of his way to open it for me. Now, I am a very happily married woman, but at that moment I really wished I looked just a tad better than my Tshirt, boring pants and sneakers.

For the next week I am going to put a little more effort into how I present myself and see if it makes a difference in any aspect of my life. I’ll post the pics on Instagram and hashtag #alittlemoreeffort. You can follow me @jenlatch and also play along if you want to. Tag @jenlatch and #alittlemoreeffort

Let’s see where it may take us.

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  1. What a great idea Jenny! Such a teaser for your blog followers!! I can’t wait to hear the results. In 1995 I got a 1993 Toyota Corolla and it was the nicest car to that date that I’d ever owned. It made a HUGE difference in how I felt about my “personal presentation” – I now keep my current car super clean all the time and it does make a big difference… when my kids were little though, I did little or nothing for my “look” – too much effort I thought… but you know, you have a point – 10 min is not a big deal! Go Jenny!!

    • Yes, today was better. It was kinda a scramble getting out the door, but I did get more done and felt more pullled together. Who knows if it had any affect!

  2. I co-hosted a baby shower today and had about 35 people at the house. I received a bevy of compliments on my outfit and how great I looked. My husband also loves it. It’s nice to have something fun to create on and see how the small things not only effect myself but people around me especially after having my 4th baby! It is SO easy to get into a rut at home and running errands and fully justifiable to wear yoga pants, tank tops and flip flops. Now to start working out more. :)

    • I love the pics you are posting!! I am having fun with it too and find that I am actually eating healthier!

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