3 cool moms made the perfect holiday gift

I know I posted that the Holiday Season should not be about “the perfect gift” but seriously…. this may be the perfect gift for girls this season.

Kiki & Coco in Paris

The book was created by Photographer Stephanie Rausser, Designer and Doll Maker Jess Brown and Writer Nina Gruener.

I was at the book opening for this incredible children’s book. Chloe has her own signed first edition.

I asked Chloe today to read it again and tell me what it is she liked about it. This is what she said:

“It’s a nice book because Kiki and Coco were made for each other. She has a friend who never leaves her side. I like it because they go to Paris”

I like the book because the story is sweet, the doll is AMAZING and the images are dazzling.

I am inspired by the woman who created it. They are mothers, they are artists and they have found success in creating beauty and joy.

Jess, Stephanie and Nina

Here is a sneak peek

Stephanie spent 20 days in Paris shooting her daughter every afternoon. Chloe and I are saving for our own trip to Paris. (Ella wants to go to India…)

I will be ordering this book for my nieces this year. You can order it by clicking HERE.

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  1. We here in Australia lovvve this book and the cute adventures- my twins Frankie and lola now have a coco and Tilly doll each and take them on adventures xx

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