Letter to my 5 year old

My dear 5 year old,

You are my kind lover of animals, my wild child, my tattoo enthusiast, my angry, stubborn, funny and temperamentalĀ girl.

You want what you want and will stop at nothing to get it.

You love to please but will do so selectively.

You are smart, you are wise, but sometimes you pretend to not know things.

You are gentle, you are sweet. Sometimes you are scared. You are courageous.

You are the most intense person I have ever met and I believe you could command a legion.

I am sorry for the times I have gotten upset with you, not been patient or kind. I am sorry for the times I have let you watch too much TV, not crafted or drawn with you. I am sorry for the times I refused to read just one more book or yelled.

I am sorry that sometimes I forget your body is only 5.

You are my 5 year old.

You are your own person.

I love every part of you and I promise I will do everything I can to channel your strength towards good and what you choose to be your life’s path.

You are amazing.

I love you


Photo by Marcy Maloy

Photo by Marcy Maloy

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  1. Jenny that was so touching,brought tears to my eyes. I have some of the most intense kids I have ever seen or as my Mom likes to remind me only I would have kids more tenacious and intense than me…this is obviously very true for you as well. Ella is amazing and sounds like a girl after my own heart. :) lord knows so far with Arabella …she’s got her brothers all beat! I call her my little ginger snap. Serious firecracker.

    • Isn’t it amazing that by the time you start to have more kids you can tell what they will be like from the second their born pretty much? They are each so different from each other. Chloe is like my little flower fairy, ella my punk and phoebe my soul sister.

    • That is a great idea. This would make such a good gift for her when she delivers or for her baby shower. Printed and framed. Thanks for the tip

  2. I must say that my 4yr granddaughter sounds just like Ella. I know that Tavi will grow up to be a leader, she stands her ground and will not wager what she thinks is right. I have to be careful to guide and discipline her with wisdom and not break her spirit, but encourage her strong willed manner in a positive way :-) Boy, is it hard to find the patience to do so though!!!

    • You are such a good mom Sherrie… I bet you are an even better Grandmother! I know.. you don’t want to break their spirit but don’t want them to be divas either. We have to find the balance.

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