People are good

Today I was just floored when I received a text from another mom.

It was a video of Ella. She was on a field trip today.

I was floored because these firemen took the time to allow every single kid in Ella’s kindergarten class work the firehose.

I was floored because Ella’s teacher had arranged a visit to the firehouse, police station, library and grocery store ALL IN ONE DAY.

I was floored because the police let all the kids talk on the radio and sit in the police car.

I was floored because at Whole Foods each child got to work the checkout line and they were all fed snacks throughout the whole store.

I was floored because this wonderful mother devoted her whole day to going on a field trip with 22 children.

I was floored because my daughter came home wanting to visit the library again to read books.

There are good, good people in this world.


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  1. Thank you Jen! It was a special day with a great group of kids ;-) it was amazing to spend quality time with so many community workers who truly care about all of us!

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