My Father


Putting together a Barbie pool on Christmas morning.
The coals brought down to the perfect temperature.
Wisconsin Dells trips.
Nice cars.
Inspiring me to create art.
Working nights to pay for my private school.
A blue lazyboy.
A father daughter dance both at school and at my wedding.
Buying my first make up.
The unending support of my decisions.
Making me stick by my decisions.
Purses, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Tory Burch, you married Joy.
Doing the needed things to keep your body healthy till your 90s.
Never criticizing me (if you did I don’t remember).
People saying I have your eyes.
Always being there when I need you.

I am lucky you came into my life. That you adopted me, that you are my father.

I love our life together but am even more excited about our future.

Thank you for being my dad.



My dad and Steve’s dad at our wedding.

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3 responses

  1. He is a great dad! I still miss him from this area. He (and your mom) were 2 of 16 people at our wedding, so he will always be special to me!

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