How to avoid doing laundry and still feel like you’re busy


I’ve gotten better. The laundry does not sit for days now, but I have perfected some pretty great ways to avoid doing laundry!

Here’s guide to avoiding laundry while still looking busy.


1. Take your kids to visit puppies. They don’t have clean underwear, but hey! They held a puppy today.


2. Plant an herb garden and then take pictures of it. You’ll feel really cool.


3. Watch your daughter learn to braid. It takes hours of practice.



… and then dress her up like Rapunzel on a Tuesday.


4.  Help a friend with babysitting.

5. Take your daughter out to dinner.

6.  Plant some organic strawberries. 

7.  I’ve used this one since my early 20s. When laundry piles up and there is nothing to wear… get new clothes.



I hope this post has helped you with some ideas to avoid the task you hate to do while still appearing like you’re really busy and awesome.



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7 responses

  1. Ahh man. I wish I had read this earlier. I spent 6 hours today deep cleaning my house and doing laundry. But wait… It isn’t folded yet. Lets go get some herbs!

  2. My mom used to take my brother and me to the National Portrait Gallery of Art and we’d look at the paintings forhours.

    She tells me now that she felt really guilty leaving a sink full of dirty dishes (this was the 50′s!) but is so proud now that Im a happyworking photographer and takes credit for my success.

    Art + family bonding and memories is WAAAY more important than clean clothes or dishes! Go moms!

    Your kids will NEVER remember the Laundry and they will never forget your times together!

    You are an incredible mom’

    • You’re mother is so ahead of her time. I love your mom. I want to start taking the girls to more things (art,festivals,etc) in the city.

    • Do you know about the free week-long pass to all the museums in SF that you can check out from any library? Unbelievable savings and FREE visiting!! google libraries pass and museums. Inform your readers. P.S. how do I leave a comment without having to enter my info each time?

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