Strawberry Pie

This is a super easy fresh strawberry pie Ella and I made last week. It takes about 20-30 minutes and is a real crowd pleaser. The girls and I ate the first pie all on our own. We had a second pie crust so we made another one when the grandparents came over and stuffed ourselves again with it’s yumminess.

What you will need:

Frozen pie crust (we got an organic one from Whole Foods)

Strawberries (2-3 pints)

Chocolate Chips

Whipping Cream

Bakers Sugar (it’s ground finer so mixes well with the whipping cream)

strawberry pie

Put your pie crust in the oven.

Strawberry Pie

Halfway through the pie crust baking put chocolate chips on the bottom and put it back in the oven to complete . Once it is done spread the chips over the bottom of the crust with a spatula and put it in the freezer to cool.

Whip up your cream and add about 3 Tbs of the sugar while whipping.

strawberry pie

Alternate layers of strawberries and cream.

We did 3 or 4 layers of berries. It actually holds it shape when you cut it and keeps well for about 2 days.

Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie

Yum yum yum. I wish we didn’t eat it all so I could have some now.

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    • Yes, we like it too. This one is great because it is so easy for the little ones to help out with.

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