Present, past and future

“I wish they would stop growing!”

“Where is my little baby?”

“How did she become so grown up”

I have caught myself saying such things every once in a while, but for the most part I enjoy watching my children get older and don’t long for the times when they were smaller.

I am so enjoying Chloe right now at age 9. We took her to get a violin last week and tap shoes yesterday. She wants to talk to me endlessly about her halloween costume and plans every little detail of her life. 

Ella has made a marked shift in her character. She has gone from refusing to ever brush her hair, not caring what she was wearing as long as it was comfortable and having all her possessions in random order to showering daily, brushing her hair about three times a day and keeping her room in perfect order.

Photo by Marcy Maloy

Photo by Marcy Maloy

Phoebe loves shoes, loves music and loves to make people laugh. She yells out the dog’s name and feeds him chicken from her high chair much to both of their delight. 20130911-143005.jpg

So while I would love to halt this moment in time, this time that is so full of enchantment, sweetness and laughter. I am excited to think what the future will bring. I am looking forward to the ballet recitals, first steps, violin shows, first days of preschool, first days of junior high, awkward teenagers, rebellious moments, first loves, heartbreaks and triumphs.

I look out into the future with my girls. I cannot say for certain what lies ahead for them.  I cannot say I will agree with every choice they will make and that they will not piss me off to no end. I cannot say that I will stay with them forever.

I can say that they will always be my daughters. That I will love them. That I will work constantly to enjoy every stage with them while looking towards the future to keep that created as well.

On this day three years ago my mother left me.

It brings me both heartache and peace to know that I am carrying forward her vision with my life and my girls.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you! Working at a K-12 school, we are lucky to enjoy a constant stream of young people at all stages. It’s incredibly rewarding, and hats off to you for being a great mom who cherishes every stage. :-)

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