Crayon Lipgloss

A few weeks ago Chloe came up to me and explained all about how makeup products and especially lipgloss can contain all sorts of toxic ingredients. She went onto say that we could make our own lipgloss out of coconut oil and crayons and requested I do this project with her.

“Where did you learn this?” I asked.


It took me a while to finally get around to actually watching the video and then doing the project with the girls.

It was way easier than I expected with minimal mess.

Here is where Chloe originally saw how to do it:

We used a glass measuring cup in a pot with water and a pillbox from Walgreens.

The colors turned out really pretty!

If you do this, remember to wipe out the glass with a napkin or wipe. DO NOT POUR THE CRAYON OIL DOWN THE DRAIN because it will clog your pipes. Luckily I really paid attention to that part of the video, whew.


Crayon Lipgloss

crayon lipgloss

crayon lipgloss

crayon lipglossThis is a pretty fast crafting project. It only takes a few minutes to make each color once you have the set up done. It takes about an hour for the glosses to harden fully. Parent supervision and participation is needed. The glass gets really hot so I did the pouring of each color.

Give it a try. I am thinking this will be a great alternative to Halloween makeup for next year. The color options are endless!


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