Farewell 2013

I am sitting here at 9:49 pm trying to write my end of the year post. The girls are out of school and so the schedule has gone way… WAY, out. I can hear Chloe laughing hysterically downstairs and we just spent the evening cleaning the playroom and finally hanging some of her art in her room.

This year has been intense. Steve traveled for a good portion of it, but he accomplished some major targets this year and I am so proud of him.

The girls continue to be a source of inspiration for me and a constant reminder that I need to work harder to create a good life and future for them.

I am still struggling with the care of this old flat, but I am lightyears ahead of where I was last year at this time. The downstairs is livable after  the huge summer project of putting a new floor in and painting. I have been tackling other small projects, and for the most part the laundry is getting done AND PUT AWAY in a reasonable amount of time.

This year I am looking forward to completing Phoebe’s new closet nursery and the back yard. I am dreaming of a brick patio with a fire pit and cafe lights criss crossing above.

I am looking forward to continuing the blog. It has been such a fun outlet for me to create and write and I appreciate your interest and the really nice things you have commented or said about it. I want to learn more about photography this year and practice with my actual camera instead of my iPhone a bit more. I will likely do a weekly photo series of some kind. Any suggestions?

Well there you have it. That is my 2013 recap post. I was going to share links to the top posts of 2013, but I just don’t have the time and it seems a little self-absorbed to do that right now anyway.

xoxo from San Francisco


Our Sunday at Crissy Field

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