Little Bits

I wanted to get down a few details about Phoebe before I forget them.

Right now she says the following words:

“Uh oh”

“soos, soos soos!” She LOVES shoes.

“Buck Buck” (our dog)

“mama” Depending on how it’s said she either wants something RIGHT NOW- MAAMAA!! or she wants to nurse- muhmuh.

“papa” for her Grandpa.



“Eyya and Oh-E” Ella and Chloe.

“Ena” Her little friend Lena.

She can point to her nose and her hair if you ask her where they are.

She loves to feed herself and throw it on the ground for her dog.

I am sure there are a lot of funny little things I am forgetting now, but it’s early in the morning and Steve just made me coffee so I need to get off the computer. I just wanted to throw these small bits about Phoebe down to jog my memory later about what it was like with her when she was 1 1/2 and traveling that change between baby and toddler land.

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