Real Superhero Kids

I wrote what I think about children last week and how I view them as the real superheroes of our society. 

I started sharing some photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #realsuperherokids.

It has been fun to take moments that may seem usual and twist them into a sort of superhero theme.

I think it is good for me as a parent to look at what is right and amazing about my kids rather than a concentration on fixing the things that are wrong.

If anything, this little project is way to add a bit of extra create to the day.

I would totally love to start seeing other people viewing their kids as the real superheroes they are. You can share photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #realsuperherokids. I think it would be amazing to see what heroic feats kids are accomplishing on an hourly basis and to celebrate them.

Here are some of the pictures I have been sharing and the stories behind them.

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Ella, so full of excitement and energy was running to see her dad at the airport. This kinda inspires me to exercise… I need to exercise…


Against my wishes she climbed up on the car. Well, sometimes you need to break the rules to be a superhero. real super hero kids

She loves to climb stairs. She is building her strength for bully crushing and mountain climbing.real superhero kids

Trike of SteelReal super hero kdis

Chloe fashioned this out of things she found. Bits of fabric, wood, and tape.

real superhero kids

Just as I was about to lose it one Saturday morning because this teething girl wouldn’t nap and I could not get one thing done, she pulls out cute moves like this that make me laugh and save the day.

The bookworm. Building up her knowledge so later she can save the world from the evil empire.

real super hero kids

The pet rescuer.

I know it is not only my kids who are the superheroes. I bet if you looked you would see it in every child on this planet.




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