The City This Weekend

Saturday started with beautiful light. Steve worked all morning, but then we had the afternoon to get out and about all together.

jennifer latch

We decided to head into China Town for a late lunch and then Union Square for a little shopping and sight seeing.

Jennifer Latch - Our Urban PlaygroundChina Town was packed! It was fun weaving in and out of all the people.

jennifer latch Our Urban Playground

jennifer latch Our Urban Playground

After some food we headed over to Union Square. I have never seen it so crowded, but it was exciting to see the city so dressed up for the Holidays and to watch the girls’ reaction to it all.

jennifer latch our urban playground


With some kind of perfect timing the above shot does not at all demonstrate how crowded it was. There were gobs of cars and people.

I met a puppy the other day that had been adopted from the Macy’s SPCA window. This little orange kitty was very busy chasing it’s tail.

jennifer latch out urban playground

jennifer latch


I think we started a new tradition this year of heading downtown a few days before Christmas. It was quite enjoyable and the girls really loved it. It was nice to connect with the city a little more and be around people who were excited for the holiday. I noticed a lot of dads shopping with their daughters and others just sitting and soaking up the energy.

Can you believe it’s only two days till Christmas?





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