I shot this picture of our dining room as we were running out the door to catch the Boring Bowl at my in-laws last night.

The dining room is our hardest worked room. Homework, meals, laundry, dumping ground when we first get home, it all goes down here.

Working on this project has helped me become less and less overwhelmed with the care of my spaces. It has enabled me to concentrate on what I like about the house while realistically examining what I can improve.

A huge thing that happened for me this week was realizing I have created this space of ours on an incredibly limited budget. I then compared this to other more affluent homes I have been in and realized that if I had those funds I could make this place pretty much off the charts and have extra left over for a maid and someone to put away the laundry.

Until I become a millionaire we will keep improving, organizing, painting, planning and doing the upgrades as we can.

The next major thing we need to fix is a leak that goes into Chloe’s room. Just from the light rain we had Saturday night a full on flood in her room took up most of Sunday morning to clean up. Hopefully it is just a clogged drain in the light well. We shall see.

I hope you all are doing well.

Is anyone else as excited about February as I am? I don’t remember ever getting so excited about Valentine’s Day and all the hearts.

ps. If you look close you may be able to see the Christmas ornaments mixed in with some V-day fun. Ella won’t let me put the ornaments away. 05/52


I am tackling my relationship with this apartment one week at a time. 

A picture of our home every week for 52 weeks… you can see my first post describing this project HERE.


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