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A few weeks ago I sat down with an Austrian woman named Barb de Corti. She explained to me how when her son was little she could not figure out what was landing her son in the hospital over and over. He was having horrific asthma attacks at night.

She tried everything. Changing his diet, natural remedies, medicinal remedies, none of it was working.

One day she realized that what was making his asthma worse was the way she was cleaning her home.

She explained to me that we have been brainwashed to believe that the only way to clean is by pouring toxic chemicals that smell like lemons onto our surfaces. These places where our children eat, where they play, where they bathe are doused with toxic chemicals. What Barb realized is that nightly, after she had cleaned her bathtub, her son was basically getting toxic steam baths. His airways would flare up and bam, ER visit.

On a trip back to her home country of Austria Barb found the answer to her prayers.

It was a microfiber cloth that would clean as well as and even better than any bleach could JUST WITH THE CLOTH AND WATER.

She brought these cloths back with her to Australia and started to clean with them. She found they cleaned better than anything she had ever used and her cleaning was easier and faster. As a result of her creating a totally non-toxic home, her son got better.

Naturally she worked out a way to import these magic microfiber cloths, started her own business which revolutionized cleaning in Australia.

20 years later she is meeting with this little blogger in a Peets Coffee on Sansome street because she is now bringing her products to America.

In certain respects I think it is good that she waited 20 years to launch into the American market. I don’t think there was a demand 20 years ago to find natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions. But the word is out now on how toxins in the environment can harm our health and bombard us daily and I think America just might be ready.

So do you think it is possible for a cloth to clean just as well as Clorox spray just using water? I certainly didn’t. She assured me and showed me studies with side by side comparisons and bacterial tests that these specially designed microfibers could trap the bacteria in their itty-bitty hooks.

She sent me home with a set from the Zabada Clean Kitchen System to try.

The first area I tested was where Phoebe ate. It had been hard to get the area fully clean. With just a little water and the two cloths, one to clean and one to dry, it was spotless. This was before: 20140226-231502.jpg

And After:


Then I tested another area where grime had built up. It stripped it so fast!


The girls got really into it and I had them cleaning.


I have been using the Zabada Products for a few weeks now and I have been pretty happy with it. The only downside is having just one set. I get too far behind on laundry and they have to be washed. I likely need a few more of them as daily loads is just not going to happen. I love that I am not using any spray cleaners where the girls eat.

Go check out Zabada’s website here and check it out for yourself. They have a lot of videos and information about their products and how you can clean your house top to bottom with nothing but water.

I would much prefer that to having my toxic chemical cabinet in the kitchen, wouldn’t you?


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    • You should check it out. You were looking for natural products that would not irritate your kids.

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