Wait, what? … I’m not 5 anymore?

I have three children. How did this happen? Wasn’t I just 5?

The girls are doing well.

Phoebe is getting quite the sense of humor. She has these big belly laughs now. She also got over her aversion to kisses and kisses and hugs everyone in our family like it was going out of style.

Ella is very excited it is her birthday month. She has done full research on the two toys she wants. She has watched every youtube review and looked at every picture of the Orbeez Spa and Lite Brix Mansion. She knows what batteries they need, how they get put together, everything. She is an informed consumer.

Chloe has been reading up a storm and working hard at dance. She is gearing up for her big performance in May and is pretty excited about it.

What I have been happy about recently is the relationship the girls are developing with each other. Phoebe loves her sisters so much and when they walk in the house she squeals and runs over to them. Chloe and Ella are playing together more and at times their kindness to each other is pretty inspiring. Of course there are times when I am just a referee, but those are becoming fewer and fewer as they get older.

Three children. My goodness. I guess I am not 5 anymore.

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