Phoebe Talks

“Like it”

“Don’t like it”

“Here you go”

“It’s mine”

“I wan it” (want)

“Peas” (please)

“Ready?….” (Right before she’s about to jump off a chair into my arms or off a step onto the floor and laugh hysterically.)

“Ice keem, I want it” (obviously)

“Hi daddy!”

“Put it on”



“Shut up” (we don’t use that word so….?)

“I help”

“My shoes”

“Buck, sit”

“I love you”

She’s talking in sentences now and there is more that she says I can’t remember at the moment.

What are some cute things your toddler is saying? (or said for my awesome readers with older kids!)


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2 responses

  1. When I would leave or go to another room Norah would cry out, “be back!” I thought it was cuter than what she says now: “Get back here!”

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