Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach

We are back from Chicago.

I have been seeing a lot of posts from bloggers about taking internet breaks and spending time with their families which is what unintentionally happened for me this past week.

I could not get the internet to work after checking into our hotel last Wednesday so I took the opportunity to not even open my computer for 6 full days.

To be honest I missed it. I don’t think I would blog if I didn’t enjoy it, but it was fantastic to spend time with Steve and the girls as well as our extended family and many friends.

We stayed up late, ate tons of yummy food, slept in, drank a little too much, searched for coffee that would satisfy our intense caffeine cravings, played, walked, ate some more and generally just enjoyed the fact that Steve and I were both not working and our only job was to create quality time with our family.

I finally opened my computer tonight and answered some long overdue emails and handled some other pressing tasks I had been pushing aside.

I will post more of our Chicago trip soon (with pictures!). This is just a quick hello to let you know we are back.

xoxo from San Francisco


p.s. Can you believe it is summer already? How did that happen?

pps. I need to go on a juice cleanse from all the food I ate in Chicago. It was intense. Too bad I don’t believe in juice cleanses because seriously, I need one.

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