Letters to Chloe

My Dear Chloe,

This past weekend you finished your first full year of dance at ODC. Wow. Tap, Ballet and the Step on Stage Program. It was a really busy year for you.

I was amazed at your dedication this year and how you worked hard to keep up with your school work. You make me very proud Chloe, and I have learned from you how to be a better artist myself. You go all in with your art and that is such a good example for me to look up to.

It got a little intense in the end there driving into the Mission almost every day to prepare for your final Step on Stage show, but it really paid off don’t you think? The show blew your dad and I away. I was so proud to see you part of such a big production and see how far you had come.

Then the tap! Your android routine was so cool. I am so happy you are learning tap, it’s one of my favorites.

This is just a quick letter to let you know I am proud of your accomplishments this year and I’m really lucky and honored to be your mom.




No pictures during the show...

No pictures during the show…

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