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Today my left hand went numb while I was typing and I couldn’t move it. This made me think I could have heart disease so I decided to go for a run. I ran two blocks and I’m sweating now so that’s good.

My dog is finally peeing like a boy. I really hope he will be done being a teenager soon. He is almost perfect in the house, but when we take him out he practically attacks any dog we see. It’s awful.


Our Urban Playground

Phoebe is being extra cute. Every time I tell her it’s time for bed she says, “five minutes.” I think she hears me say that all day whenever I get asked to do something. She has started to request all of her toys in bed with her at night.

Our Urban Playground

The most common phrase in the house currently is, “I’m starving.” It usually comes out of my middle child’s mouth. Ella is growing like a weed and we recently found out she is allergic to milk and sugar which made up about 80% of her diet before, so now she is never satisfied. She eats all day long.

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Despite her huge appetite and demands, Ella is probably the funniest person in my life. She’s gotten into making YouTube videos and has a little knack for it.

I was getting worried that Chloe had lived 10 years and I hadn’t taught her any life lessons. I read all these great parenting blogs about deep feelings and discussions with children. I don’t know, we talk and have deep feelings, but I keep it pretty light. I asked her, “Chloe, what do you think are some of the things you have learned from me?”

She said:

- You taught me to love my hair because I didn’t like it before, but now I love it.

- You taught me learning is fun.

- You taught me that being mean doesn’t get you anywhere in life.

So, yeah, that made me feel good.

Our Urban Playground

I have so much laundry to do. I hate doing laundry.

I posted on this app Need, Steve’s son designed it and it’s a totally cool social media app that allows you to post anonymous requests. So, anyway, I posted this:


I got tons of great advice, but I think this one was my favorite:

Thank you anonymous person for showing me I was basically requesting a fantasy world that doesn’t exist in real life.

Ok, my husband is home form work. I need to go pay attention to real life, though this little chat with you was quite fun.

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  1. Sounds like your life is filled with joy especially when Ella makes you laugh. If you’re up to learning more about how your kids’ minds are working, which seems to be an interest of yours, take a peek at I enjoy your blog posts very much.Chloe seems to be learning the right stuff from your fertile mommy mind.
    Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. at Parental Intelligence

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