The Human Experience

I walked out into the hot sun rushing to get inside once more for cool, air-conditioned, hotel lobby air. As I was staring at my phone notifications I looked across the road and the scene that was before me took my breath away.

It wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t a fancy new car, a celebrity, an art exhibit or anything that would normally cause such a stir. It was laughter. The laughter coming from children playing. Older kids taking care of the younger children as their mother looked on. Running and helping each other feel the simple joys of the water from the splash pad cooling their hot skin.

The capacity for us to love each other, to connect with each other and the potential to create a world of safety, compassion, freedom and understanding is there. Often it’s in the quiet moments. The late night whispers with a best friend, the pat on the back, the bed time stories or your friend laughing at your joke. It’s in the helping hand and the open ears. Quite possibly what could change the world is not the large sweeping actions, but simply our decency towards each other and our willingness to express that decency in creative and thoughtful ways.

The human experience and all that comes with it has the potential to be one of the most beautiful art forms that has ever existed.

It can be so incredibly beautiful.

The Human Experience

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