I’m a Ditz – #MadetoMatter

I was invited to attend a family friendly event put on by Target to celebrate the launch of their special curation of and partnership with 16 fantastic brands who are leaders in the natural, environmentally friendly and healthy living fields.

Here’s a little video about it.

I thought to myself, “Sure, I’ll take the girls, I love Target and I really love all these brands, heck, I even modeled for Burt’s Bees once, I should check it out.”

So here I am hanging at this really cool party downtown with my three kids and I figured I should take a few pictures…


“Well hello there Mr. Swagger, did you think I was taking this picture of you? #madetomatter event for @Target” (my exact quote on Instagram.)

I shared this picture on Instagram and then on Facebook. I thought it was hilarious. Here is this good looking guy doing a terrific photobomb. The comments rolled in.

Then I got this comment from a friend of mine:

“That’s Adam. He is one of the founders of Method Cleaning Products.”

Adam Lowry - image source  Smartplanet.com

Adam Lowry – image source Smartplanet.com

Um… I am now totally embarrassed.

Turns out I was surrounded by the top executives and creators of all these amazing brands and I was a total ditz and didn’t even realize it. I even Tweeted Target and the hashtag I used made the picture visible to everyone.

Oh well, It makes for a funny story. At least I use Method products to wash my clothes, do the dishes and clean the toilets with. In fact, all their products were on sale last week. I went bananas at Target stocking up.

Do you think that makes up for totally insulting the founder of Method?

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5 responses

  1. Best photo bomb and caption ever. Also, he is very, very hot.
    What you did is about 150% better than pretending to snap a pic of your kids to get one of him, which I’m sure is what he originally assumed you were doing.

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