Tuesday’s Tube (on Wednesday night)

Urban Playground

Here’s my weekly round up of videos we created or enjoyed this week!

First up is a video of San Francisco’s urban renewal in the 60s. A lot of beautiful buildings were replaced with some pretty poor mid-century designs.

This was the next video Chloe and I did on our Human Rights series.

I made a balance board and drank a ton of water.

Who wants to go to central park?

Did you catch Phoebe’s “ice bucket challenge”?

Thanks for being patient with me while I am spending the free moments I have to create a new YouTube channel. We have 4 different series over there right now. “Our Urban Nanny” is a really fun video chat I do with my kid’s nanny Chelsea every week. She is hilarious and I can’t wait to bring you more of her. I am also doing weekly talks with Chloe about human rights which has been incredibly rewarding. I’m continuing my journey to learn how to skateboard and every once in a while I throw in a family montage or funny video of Phoebe. I would love it if you would subscribe!

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