Same Spot 365 Days Later

Every year we get the whole Latch Family together before Christmas to celebrate and exchange gifts. Until recently Phoebe and Sophia were the two youngest cousins. Sweet Emma was born last September and you can see the post when the girls first met her HERE.

Phoebe and Sophia have become close friends in the recent months. Now when they get together they play for hours! It’s been so awesome seeing their relationship develop and blossom.

Here are some pictures of them from last year and this year taken in the exact same spot on a sunny Sunday afternoon in December.



I just noticed my father-in-law Lloyd, is in the background in blue. He moved on this past April.

Time and bodies are wonderful and sad all at once.

Some chairs are empty this Holiday Season, but our hearts are full for those we have loved and for the friends and family we have with us now.

Jennifer Latch

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