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My life. Oh my goodness, my life.

The end of winter 2015 has brought a lot of exciting things. We started renovations on our apartment, I got a new job working social media, marketing and PR for Braille Skateboarding and I decided now would be a good time to start a 6 week self-improvement course to go along with it. I guess I figured if I was really busy then I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff and that has proven to be the case. I haven’t cried once about our renovation. I just don’t have time to be upset about anything right now. Too much to do.

But first let’s talk about the most important thing… well obviously not the most important thing, but it’s pretty high up there. Hair.

jennifer latch

In an effort to not cut my hair into a pixie again I went in to the salon and got bangs. It is the only money I have spent on grooming for months. My eyebrows need waxing, my hands need a manicure and my poor feet look like they have a layer of dead skin all over them. I am trying to save money, but I just had to drop the 70 bucks on my hair before I chopped it all off myself.  Isn’t it annoying that it costs $70 to get your hair done? Maybe not where your live, but here a good middle of the road stylist is $70. Everybody’s gotta eat and pay rent here in this town.

I am liking the bangs although they are a little harder to style than I anticipated. My hair has gotten way curlier again.

I am super excited about my new job running social media and marketing for Braille Skateboarding. I worked with Aaron and his crew on our “Can You Teach a Mom to Skate” series. An opportunity arose to start running his social networks and the job has grown from there. It’s a really fun change of pace for me and we are having a great time setting new goals for the company and how we can expand. Within the first few days of starting there I had Braille Skateboarding featured on BuzzFeed and we’ve grown the Instagram account by 10% in three weeks.

The girls are doing so well and remarkably keeping it together considering everything that is going on right now with their home and schedules. They got to go see a special screening of the new Cinderella last week courtesy of Fandango. They loved it.

latch girls

Our renovation is in full swing right now and there will be more posts later this week. If you like, follow me on Facebook and Instagram for little bits and pieces of our life and the renovation. It has been so fun asking you for feedback about paint colors, cabinets and floor stains. I have really appreciated all the comments. They were so helpful!

Lots of love,


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