Sunday Morning Baby Pic

This shot was done with Ella in the Fall of 2007 for a Bay Area clothing company Le Top.

When you see the holiday commercials and ad campaigns that are running now it is sometimes interesting to think that they were probably shot months ago or even when it was boiling hot outside.

This “Holiday Feel” was created with some nice fluffy fake snow, trees and a totally cute dress with reindeer leggings.  Look at the amazing little wooden sled too.

Photography By Marcy Maloy

When you have been behind the scenes on print campaigns you start to look at what you see in the media a bit differently. You know the amount of work that goes into getting the shots and often times the unsung heroes are the stylists who pick the clothes and even more so the prop stylists who do everything else to create the scene. They are the hardest workers on set in my opinion before, during and after the shoot.

I have been seeing some great ads so far this year. I am loving what the Gap is doing right now for both kids and adults.

What ads or photographs have you seen this year that you are loving or hating?



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3 responses

  1. Interesting to hear your views on print ads. I never gave them much thought before, but after having to photograph my jewelry for the internet — and not being a photographer — I am gaining an appreciation of the process. (I’m more of a television commercial aficionado, myself.)

    • It is really interesting the difference. I was on a commercial set where the director had done mostly print work before. She was directing beautifully for print, but for motion picture it is a whole different ball game.

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