Urban Holiday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. What I really liked about it is that I barely planned anything. I think the only things I planned were what I was going to cook on Thursday and Ice Skating on Friday. Everything else kind of unfolded and was spontaneous.

I think there is so much pressure at times around the Holidays. The “perfect gift”, the “perfect party dress” and the “perfect DIY project”. Blog posts about “How to create an enchanted time in 5 easy steps” and all those other tips to create some idyllic moment. It is totally unreal in my world to be so on top of everything and then when it’s all over I feel like a did not live up to some expectation of wonderfulness.

I say forget all that hoo-ha, do what you want. Have fun. Be present.

Maybe some really rad things will end up happening.

Wednesday Night-

Annie’s new Organic Pizza

Because all the blogs I read were posting about pizza and Annie’s had sent us a coupon to try their new organic pizza, I stopped by Whole Foods ON A WEDNESDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING and picked one up. The store was packed but it was fun seeing all the people shopping. The girls loved the pizza. Ella, 5, ate half of it.

Thanksgiving Day-

Thanksgiving morning on our way to my in-law’s house

Back yard BBQ Turkey

I am sure by now you are sick of seeing turkeys. This picture kinda grosses me out, but I had to share because my brother-in-law worked on this little guy for hours and it turned out great.

Peeling Potatoes


The salt container exploded all over my almonds. If you buy the large blue sea salt from Whole Foods then beware. This is the second time it has exploded.

Ginger Bread House

Chloe had requested we make gingerbread houses from scratch, not even a kit. Lucky for me my sister had gotten kits for the girls and this satisfied the gingerbread house fix for now.

Snuggle Time with Auntie Jenny

Thanksgiving Shows


Friday we went to the Embarcadero Ice Skating Rink in front of the Ferry Building. A lot of kids from Ella and Chloe’s school were there too. We had a great time. After skating we went into the Ferry Building for lunch and Ella ended up having an impromptu play date with one of her best little friends from school.

Prepping the Rink

Chloe’s Friends

The Ferry Building is filled with amazing shops, foods and merchants. We picked up our lunch and ate outside watching the ferries come in and depart.


Last minute decision to drive to Napa for wine tasting and family time with Steve’s brothers.

We don’t get much leaf turning in SF so it was great to see some wonderful fall colors

Biale Winery

The kids played "farm" on the grounds while we wine tasted.

The kids played “farm” on the grounds while we wine tasted.

Make a Wish

Snuggles with her other Auntie

She learned the two-wheeler! Yes, no helmet…. this was not planned.


Steve had to work all day so I was ready for just some relaxing around the house. By 10 Ella was demanding things to do, so I decided we would start decorating. This is my first year since my mom’s passing that I have her Christmas decorations. It was really fun unwrapping the treasures from my youth with my girls.

My mom had a huge old house in Evanston Il., so she had a lot of stuff.

I think this was actually my Grandmother’s. It is a little scary looking but I love it.

Lots of memories

This unplanned weekend became one of our best Thanksgivings yet.

Have a happy and fun Holiday Season this year!






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  1. This is so great, I am using this motto for Christmas. I literally have like 10 friends who already have trees, the whole house inside and outside decorated and crafts started. I am like wow, I just got my house partially cleaned from Thanksgiving…and took a shower and have normal clothes on. LOL

    • I had no idea what I was going to post about our Thanksgiving. How interested would people be to just see pictures of our family over and over? Then I thought about what made the weekend great and wrote about that.

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