An urban discovery

Yesterday I went to the wrong location for a call back. I read the email from my agent while rushing about late Thursday night and just assumed it would be at the casting office. When I got to the casting office I found out the audition was not there. It was pouring outside. The casting director was there doing paper work and she gave me the new address and an umbrella.

I drove over to 150 Mississippi. Potrero Hill at it’s finest. A large industrial building that has been converted into the coolest loft space and houses artistic hipsters, beer brewers, a robotics company and a production company.

My audition went fine. I had Phoebe with me and she was shown off to all the cool people working and made her usual good impression.

I had auditioned at this location before, but there was something different this time. Front Cafe

The Front Cafe. They roast their own beans here. The espresso was amazing. Spicy, smokey and light all in one. The people working there were so enthusiastic about their product and were just so incredibly nice. It was awesome.

Beans and the roaster

Beans and the roaster


Ok… so go check out Front Cafe. The location is 150 Mississippi.

But this place, while awesome is not really my new discovery. This is:

I overheard the girl tell another customer that he would die if he did not try this. Hmmmmmmm…. Die? Really? It’s a pastry.

I asked what it was. I am not really a pastry girl. She said it was a queen something or other. Made by local pastry chef Belinda Leong. She went on to explain what it was like. I took the bait.

I made it to my car and got Phoebe all buckled in. I sat in the front seat, took a bite and OH MY GOODNESS! HOW HAVE I LIVED 33 YEARS ON THIS EARTH WITHOUT EATING SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I MUST TELL EVERYONE SO THEY DO NOT LIVE ONE MORE DAY WITHOUT IT!! I am not joking. The best pastry of my life. Worth every calorie.

I got in touch with Belinda. She is busy getting ready to open her new Bakery called b.patisserie at 2821 California Street in the end of January. She told me it is called a kouign amann (queen-ah-mahn) It is a specialty from Brittany, France. “a caramelized croissant” she called it.

Well it is a much more than just a caramelized croissant. It’s a sweet, flakey, gooey, buttery, heaven-in-your-mouth treat and you should go to Front, have some amazing coffee and get this queen-so and so now.


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