When Erik met Jamie

Two days after Erik met Jamie she said to him, “When my mom met my dad she said, ‘I would be stupid if I didn’t marry you’. I feel the same way about you”.

Ok let’s back up.

I met Erik in the 90′s. We were working together in Chicago and he was already a really accomplished sound engineer. He said things like “I like to make songs with senseless word combinations just because they go together beautifully.”

We were fast friends.

After my move to San Francisco we stayed in touch over Facebook, a phone call here and there and email. I saw his wedding on Facebook and have been watching his little daughter Taylor grow up from afar. His wife Jamie became a regular reader of the blog and I kind of feel like I have been spending lots of time with them lately despite the 2000 miles between us.

Erik recently wrote a book that teaches people like me how to record and submit auditions and projects as if they were recorded by someone like him. All with the iphone. Genius.

I thought Erik would make a perfect subject for our next “cool parent” so I asked him 5 questions. My god. He wrote so much. I am not going to give you everything he wrote to me, I can email it to you if you are interested.

I will tell you that this man loves his family and his wife so much. They are his world. Erik, Jamie and Taylor are a young family who are working their butts off trying to figure out the balance between working enough to support the family and playing enough to make it all worthwhile. One way they do that is taking every opportunity they have to make even grocery shopping fun.

And by the way, Jamie is not just a pretty face who is forward with her men. She’s an actor and singer and her next project is a new children’s album. I’ve heard the sneak peeks. It’s going to be great.

You can go download Erik’s book HERE.

When men love their families like this it just warms my heart.

When men love their families like this it just warms my heart.

“I want to be the best me I can be. I want my relationship with my wife to be the best it can be. No sense in giving someone a crappy childhood- it’s my opportunity and responsibility now to give someone an AWESOME childhood.
Each moment is ours to make. Becoming a father put for me the purpose and necessity there that I otherwise didn’t have to make each moment great. Life as a family is bigger than just what happens to me— it’s what happens to us all, and the rewards of love and experience are so incredible with my family compared to what it was just me or just my wife and me. “





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