Cool Parent – Melissa Pope (giveaway!)

You know that feeling when something is new? New clothes, new love, a new job? What is exciting to me right now is the idea of starting a business. Finding your little corner of the creative world and running with it.

I remember when I booked my first acting job. It paid 150 bucks but I was just over the moon. I wish 150 dollar jobs still thrilled me like that.

An aspect of doing this blog that I have loved is getting to connect with people who are working on their craft and bringing that to you in either a giveaway or just letting you know what these creative people are up to.

I have actually never met Melissa. We have some mutual friends and we have been connected over the various social networks for so long I feel like I know her.

Melissa is a makeup artist, wife, mother, sewer, crafter and DIY expert. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, her friends really like her so she must be nice too. She recently moved to Portland and pretty much has the cutest little house you will ever see. She also has the most amazing hair, eyes and the whole shebang… totally girl-crush worthy.

Melissa just started her own business! Sweet Potato. For now she has these super cute crochet headbands, turbans and crowns, but is working on perfecting her leggings which will launch soon. I ordered one of the turbans for Phoebe. I am hoping she’ll let me keep it on her head because they are perfect for those chilly San Francisco mornings.

Melissa is running her shop through Instagram, @sweetpotatopatch, and will be launching her website in the next few weeks.

I am so happy she offered to do a very generous giveaway for Our Urban Playground readers. A headband, a crown and a turban for your little one!

Sweet Potato Patch crochet headbands


All you need to do is follow @sweetpotatopatch and @oururbanplay on Instagram. Leave a comment below and let me know you did.

UPDATE I want to make this easier for you all. Just leave a comment on the blog post.

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  1. She is a very cool Mama. I had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend. Gotta <3 all the amazing peeps in Portland. :) She is making Bella a crown for her Birthday this Sunday which will be featured in my photo shoot of course. I will be sure to share the pics with you and her.

    • Can’t wait. I am sure you are doing the complete opposite of the party I did for Phoebe and rightfully so! this is your first girl. She is like the frickin queen. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE PICTURES. Have so much fun.

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