Running Around the Mission with Ellen Bennett

“Mom, what are we doing today?”

“Oh, going into the Mission to meet a friend of mine. You know my apron, the blue one? She made it.”

“But what are we going to DO?”

“I am not sure.”

That was the stage set last Friday when I picked the girls up from school.

My friend Ellen, the founder and designer of Hedley & Bennett, was in town for business (if you call eating dinner with my chef crushes “business”). She had a few hours to hang with us so I headed down to 16th and Valencia.

When we got there the first thing we found was not Ellen. We found Oh Happy Day Blogger, Jordan’s Fiat. I did not tell the girls that this was a famous red car. They just ran up to it and were very excited to be taller than a car. Apparently Jordan has a whole Tumblr account dedicated to people taking pictures of her car…

We walked over to Bar Tartine where Ellen was showing off her aprons and the crew were eating a dinner before opening. Ellen was professional and sweet with an undertone of kick ass while showing her aprons and the girls watched in awe.

Ellen wrapped up her meeting and proceeded to get the girls to help her pack up, then she gave me a hug, took the baby and said to the girls, “LET”S GO ON AN ADVENTURE!”

Away they went down the street, talking about life, looking at all the sights and turing a rainy late afternoon-evening into an action packed, enthusiasm filled fun fest.

I love meeting people who are just so free with their emotions and love but back that up with a lot of hard work and determinism. I feel exposing my girls to women like this is important.

If you have a moment go check out her aprons. They are really just the most perfect aprons you will ever own. Hedley & Bennett is also having a sample sale this weekend! 50% off!!!!!!  GO GET ONE!! (that is how I goy my first one.)



It didn't matter that it was freezing. Bi-Rite had to be done.

It didn’t matter that it was freezing. Bi-Rite had to be done.

Phoebe ate all of my ice cream.

Phoebe ate all of my ice cream.

Impromptu braid session

Impromptu braid session



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