The Snaggletooth

I asked Ella how it feels to lose a tooth. Her response?

“It feels weird.”

Before: She had a snaggletooth that was holding on by the roots.

Lost a tooth


loose tooth

I love that this is the face she made when I asked her to show me her teeth.

Do you remember when you lost your teeth? When mine were loose I would try to tie them to the doorknob and slam the door. It never worked. I guess I couldn’t fully commit. I would just end up working ‘em back and forth with my tongue until they popped.

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4 responses

  1. So cute! My 9 year old is autistic and still hasn’t figured out the concept of “loose”, he always runs to us and says “I have a loose tooth” and hands us the tooth. ;)

  2. You are so funny, Jen. I would try to tie them to the doorknob but I was too afraid to slam the door, so I would just work it back and forth to pry it loose. Is Ella into the Tooth Fairy? I loved the Tooth Fairy! It was like Christmas all over again. I love your posts.

    • Ha! I think I was scared too, probably why it didn’t work.

      Yes, Ella still believes in the tooth fairy. I’m terrible at it. I always forget. Once I had to explain the tooth fairy not delivering for three days in a row. I blamed it on the fact she was really busy in China.

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