Catching the Moments Before They Fly Away


Sometimes the moments are flying by and I am just trying to catch them before they flitter away like a tissue on fire.

One day I come home from work and Phoebe looks to have grown 5 inches and her face shape is suddenly that of a young girl rather than the baby I put to bed the night before.

Chloe is graduating from 5th grade tomorrow. She is wearing small wedges, getting her nails done and iMessaging her friends while working on art for hours. She just wrapped a full year of dancing 4 times a week culminating in two weeks of performances. She has more persistence and patience than I ever had.

Ella is has turned from a girl who hated to read into a young student who is reading and working above grade level in all subjects. She has become proficient in gymnastics and never stops moving until she crashes at the end of the night.

I’ve been married to my husband 15 years come June 10th and we are still in love and he is working tirelessly to complete our house renovation.

We just got approval to cover! Meaning we passed our electrical and plumbing inspections.

I cannot wait for this renovation to be over. I need a kitchen so badly. I have gained 15 pounds.

Time is marching on, my thighs are getting bigger, my kids are doing well and overall I think I am doing a good job of keeping everything rolling in the right direction.

jennifer latch

Writing and updating this space here has helped to keep me grounded to the whole process of motherhood, adulthood and just my general need for a creative outlet. It’s served to help me keep track of all these passing moments in the hope they won’t be lost somewhere forgotten.

Somehow taking a picture and writing a few words makes it real. Of course that’s not true, lifeĀ isĀ real. My children are real. My house is real. My friends and family are real. My love for my husband is real. But I’m sure you know what I mean.

Everywhere around us are tools to help us keep track of the passing moments. Those tools can be our trap or those tools can set us free.


This blog to a degree has set me free. It has served as a guide through these past 3 years of change and I have landed on my feet.

Jennifer Latch - san francisco mom blog

Thank you for reading. At times it feels self-indulgent to even write all these things, but I know for some of you this blog has brought you joy, so I will keep posting from time to time when I have a few moments to slow down and get it all out.

xoxo from San Francisco,



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  1. Thank you for sharing such amazing and memorable moments of your beautiful family. You inspire me and I look forward to seeing more. Keep up the awesome job and being a fantastic mother and wife!!!

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