Latch Girls – Fall

I have taken some photos that I wanted to get up here.

This past year has blown by so quickly and I have lost track of so many things I wanted to post.

Oh Well.

its it factory

We went to the It’s It Factory. Have you ever had one of their ice cream sandwiches? They a fantastic.

About once a month I go out with Aaron Kyro and the Braille boys to shoot some promotional photos.

aaron kyro

How was your Halloween? We had an amazing time.



The day before Halloween we lost Phoebe’s super hero costume so we had to throw her in this spare costume we had.

Phoebe pretty much ran from house to house like she was on a special ops mission until finally she just stopped and was done.

Tonight was Ella’s performance in Musical Theater. She had a few parts and did a wonderful job. When the show got a little scary, Phoebe had me cover her eyes while she peeked through my fingers. We went to Mel’s afterwards for chicken pot-pie and a huge family size sundae.




I am really excited for the Holidays this year you guys! With our house now complete, though still far from furnished with boxes still to unpack, I cannot wait to decorate and hang out with the family.

xoxo from San Francisco


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  1. Ms. Jennifer, thank you for sharing. The girls have grown so much since I last saw pictures of them. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

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