How to Make Spicy Organic Cilantro Dip

This post was sponsored by Clover Organic Greek Yogurt. We have been fans of Clover products for many years and were thrilled to create this recipe video in partnership with them.

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What you will need:

- Clover Organic Greek Yogurt (I used non-fat)
- Bunch of Organic Cilantro
- 1 jalapeno
- 1-2 limes to taste

Rough chop cilantro and jalapeño. Don’t rub your eyes all day after handling jalapeño, or just wear gloves. Combine cilantro, jalapeño and lime juice in blender with yogurt.

Liquify in the blender or food processor.


The dip/sauce is amazing on pretty much anything savory. I put it on a frittata, pasta and tacos the day I made this.
spicy cilantro dip
spicy cilantro dip
spicy cilantro dip

Thanks again Clover!

This post was also in association with BSM Media

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