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When I was 9 my family took a trip down Highway 1 from Oregon to LA. We stopped in San Francisco and I said to my dad “I hate San Francisco… It’s too windy”. I think at that point I decided I would never live in San Francisco, I even think I expanded this to all of California.

Well…. then I met this guy. Born and raised native. A rarity in these parts. When you are born and raised and still live in San Francisco it is like you are part of a secret insider club. When my San Francisco guy was wooing me to his beautiful city, one of his first efforts involved some cracked crab, a crusty sourdough, a bottle of wine and a grassy field overlooking an expansive bay and sail boats.

Yes. I married him and I drove all my stuff across Route 66 10 years ago and never looked back.

Tonight it is cold, rainy and windy. It’s crabbing season. I had a great night with my native man and my 3 native girlies. I am so glad I live in San Francisco.

This was some of the best crab I have ever had. It was also on sale.

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