Rainy Day Love Letter

Counting the seconds between the flash and thunder cozy in my bed at age 5 with my grandma.

Week long bouts of summer Chicago rains.

Designer rain boots on sale.

Huge droplets of tropical Florida rain.

Half hour showers followed by the hot sun on my honeymoon on Maui.

Watching the rain in Oregon.

Winter storms that cause my husband to say, “It’s dumping in the Sierras.” and result in a weekend ski trip.

Morning San Francisco walks with small droplets that kiss you as you walk through them.

The double rainbows in Utah.

Yesterday up in Napa the rain was coming down while at the same time the sun was shining. It was so beautiful. It made me think of all these times.

It made me happy.

Can you see the white raindrops?

Can you see the white raindrops?


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