Locally Made Awesomeness – Sift Cupcakes

I needed to run a few errands and just had to get out of the house for a little bit. We have been watching my girlfriend’s baby in the afternoon and it can get a little stir crazy come 3pm, so I loaded up the double stroller and off we went to Fillmore Street. Once the errands were done and the girls had a taco in their bellies we headed to Sift.

San Francisco Sift

Sift cupcakes are oohy, gooey where does the cake end and the frosting begin total yum fest. I didn’t eat one because soon I will be in a swimsuit on our family vacation to Hawaii, but I did eat the rest of Ella’s when she got full. Phoebe, because she yells and demands it while waving her arms, got a few leftover bites too.

Ella had the Key Lime and Chloe had the Samoa.20130725-144153.jpg20130725-144206.jpg

If you are near Fillmore head by Sift. It won’t disappoint.

2411 California Street at Fillmore.


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