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I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with and meet so many photographers over the past several years. I enjoy talking to them, examining their work and learning from each one’s distinctive style.

A photographer who has inspired me lately is Michael Clemens. I met him at a party in June. He has a way of capturing these moments that may seem completely normal or mundane on the surface, but really what he is capturing is the beauty that exists in both the simple and extraordinary thing called life.

He shoots really amazing portraits and weddings, but his special project is called “Day in the Life”. He will arrive at your house before you wake up and follow you through out your day. Waking your children, feeding them breakfast, the trek to school, in the classroom, soccer practice, dinner and bed time. He will then edit it all down to a finished book for you to keep.

At first this sounded awful to me. Someone in my house before dawn? Then I went to his website. (Seriously, go to his website and look around. CLICK HERE)

I asked him for some tips before going to Hawaii and his distinct view of photography really helped me get some great shots there.

1. Have you camera with you. This is a really valid point. Get fast with pulling out your iphone or camera. You never know when the right moment will appear.

2. Just shoot the simple moments. The candid shots. The beauty that exists in your child just looking down at a book is way more powerful than a forced smile.

One thing that I love about Michael’s photography is his attention to detail. It really seems that he is LOOKING at life, looking at what is going on, every detail. It is like he’s slowing down time and just looking at what is right in front of him. I feel that concept has really helped me in becoming a better photographer.

Here is just a sampling of Michael’s work.20120811_173217_2012_08_11_WBW-2020351286-O ditl003 ditl007 ditl010 ditl011 ella seestheday_001 seestheday_005 seestheday_006 seestheday_010

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