Sunday Post

A few days ago Steve told me that Chloe needed some time just with me. He really felt it would be good for her to have some time just to hang and not be interrupted by her younger sisters.

Chloe and I woke up and walked down to Fillmore this morning. It was cold and foggy and we were snug in cozy sweaters.

My phone was completely dead from forgetting to plug it in last night. This turned out to be exactly what we needed. No phone, no text messages, no pictures. Just us talking, eating breakfast and working on knitting her scarf for her Halloween costume.

We went to Jane on Fillmore. I had never been because I am always put off by the long lines and lack of table space, but we got there early enough to avoid all that. The food was surprisingly great.

After breakfast we headed over to the local bookstore and picked her out two new books.

I must say an hour and a half without my phone and without two younger sisters and a dog was nice.

We came back to the house with a refreshed outlook and got to work on some house chores and organizing her room.

Well, that’s it for this Sunday post. I have a long scarf to knit by Thursday.

No pictures because that was the point of our time together this morning.



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