No Butts Left Behind!

We had two babies, the recession hit and I was off work for half a year caring for my dying mother. This was a recipe for financial disaster and that is pretty much where we stood in 2010.

With a lot of hard work, some assistance from city and state programs, more hard work, help and support from our family and more hard work Steve and I have finally climbed out of that financial hole and it feels so good.

Lucky for me as a mother I did not have to worry about diapering my girls in 2010. Diapers and wipes run about $70 to $100 per month and are not covered by food stamps or the WIC program. If I had to choose between the utilities bill and buying diapers, it’s quite possible I would have changed the baby a little less frequently.

Even with the ability to buy diapers for Phoebe now, I sometimes run out unexpectedly. The idea of running to the store at 9 pm is unappealing so the thought does cross my mind… maybe she can make it till the morning. Luckily I live in the same building with another baby Phoebe’s age. If either of us run out, chances are the other mom will have some. We help each other out.

I feel very fortunate that Steve and I got the assistance we needed when we faced unexpected hardships. That help was a springboard for us to work harder, plan better and manage our household so as to flourish and prosper.

This Saturday I am going to a benefit for a Bay Area charity group called “Help a Mother Out”. They fundraise and collect donations of diapers to provide them to families who desperately need them. They are on a mission to keep babies clean and healthy. They work to create a positive impact on the health and happiness of families in this area by providing a resource that is not really available through any social program.

I would so love it if the Our Urban Playground community could pool together our resources and donate some funds toward this good and worthwhile cause. Imagine how it might affect you spiritually or mentally if you could not properly diaper your child. Imagine how it may affect the babies sitting in soiled diapers.

My goal is to raise 500 dollars. This would keep a baby properly changed for 5 months. Please drop me a line in the comments below if you would like to help out this cause.

Here’s to “No Butts Left Behind”!



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