I wrote this post on Sunday with the help of some very rad dads. Then it was shared around the internet and ended up being viewed 16,000 times. Say what?! My little blog was viewed 16,000 times.

Yes, that makes me feel kinda good, but more for the reason that the message and purpose of the post was so important to me.

The real message was this, you get what you focus on. 

We are not perfect and all have things we could be better at. I’m a terrible housekeeper and disappoint myself daily, but I like to concentrate on my incredible sense of humor and timing. For the most part I make people laugh, at other times they don’t understand that I’m joking and stare at me blankly, but at least I think I’m funny and that’s better than a folded pile of laundry.

When I shared my “Dads Can’t Do Anything Right” post I was overwhelmed with the response from the community and all the pictures and stories I was receiving about the wonderful fathers out there working to get it all done.

I wanted to find a way for all of us to share in these stories, so I started the hashtag #DadsDoRight.

I could think of a million things that are wrong with my husband, but it doesn’t work to do that, I’ve tried, I just end up feeling bad. Instead I’d like to look at the fact he worked a full day today, ran around the park with his three daughters, came home, cleaned the kitchen and then balanced the checkbook.


It’s better to build a man up rather than knock him down.

Share your photos and stories of the fathers in your life with the hashtag #DadsDoRight. Let’s start a movement to celebrate all that is good about fathers.

// Jennifer Latch is an actor and mother of three girls living in San Francisco. Here are the links to get social with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She can also be reached at jen@oururbanplayground.com//

Cover photo by Amy Woods

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5 responses

  1. Thanks Jen. I love your Blog and this one subject is pretty special to me, my husband keeps me sane.
    This particular picture was taken on Fathers Day a few years ago,I liked it so much that I put it on my Credit Card. Funny right?! Every time I spend money I think of my husband.


    • Thank you! I find it better to look at the good but of course it can be hard sometimes.

  2. Well, though it would be awkwardly self-serving for me to post & hashtag photos of myself with my kids, I really appreciate your viewpoint and validation of us beleaguered that despite our obvious male mental handicaps, try our damnedest to be good daddies.

    • Well, hash tagging photos of yourself could be setting good example for other dads, but I understand;)

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