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Galileo¬†Innovation Summer Camp reached out to me asking if they could sponsor a post for me to tell readers about their Bay Area summer camps. I was reluctant at first because I had already signed the girls up with another summer camp and didn’t know how I felt promoting a camp my kids had not actually attended.

Galileo was upfront about it though. Their goal is bigger than just filled camps and a place for kids to hang out over the summer. They want to create innovators. They want to keep kids learning and exploring the world around them over the summer wherever they are during the day. Our youth are the future leaders of this Earth. We need to ensure we are giving them the best shot at making the future of this planet great.

Obviously I could get behind Galileo and what they stood for.

Because I had never had any direct interaction with Galileo I went to their site. Their site is full of inspirational ideas but I was particularly struck by their large number of YouTube videos. Right on the first video was one of Ella’s best friends from school talking about how much he liked the camp!

This got me thinking. The girls LOVE YouTube and they really want to start making more of their own little YouTube videos. I had been half-heartedly going along with this but they are really into it. Galileo Summer Camp¬†inspired me to get more active in helping them with all their ideas to create along this line, so I helped them set up their own channel and right now we are editing their first project. It’s just a small toy review they put together, but they filmed it themselves and I think it’s just the cutest. I’ll be sharing that video a little later in the week.

For now here is the video that inspired me to get more involved with helping my children become innovators and also features one of Ella’s friends!

Galileo Summer Camps sponsored this post. They have locations ALL OVER the Bay Area and still have openings for their summer programs. You should absolutely go check out their site because the design is top notch and is inspirational in it’s own right. If you are interested in signing your child up for camp, you can get a $30 discount with the code 2014INNOVATION.

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