Tuesday’s Tube


I decided to not post my YouTube round up last week due to the struggles the Nation was having last Tuesday and are still having, but things like 15 million dollars being raised for ALS research and the many incredible humanitarian blog posts I’ve been reading which are working to shed light on racial injustice and human rights has given me hope.

I write about some serious and personal things on my site at times, but I also feel there is value in frosting. There is value in a good laugh and there is value in finding happiness once more even when the world is telling you all may be lost.

So here is Tuesday’s Tube. My frosting for the week.

My friend Michelle has her own reality series about her family’s move to Chattanooga.

Then my friend Lizzie sent me an ice bucket challenge…

It was cold and Ella almost pulled my top off.

Anna Mayer is a filmmaker I have admired for a while now. You should subscribe to her channel.

Please link me up with some of your favorites from this week! You can share them here in the comments or on my Facebook Page.

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