Executive Photo Bombs

So remember when this happened?

Well hello there Mr Swagger, did you think I was taking a picture of you? #madetomatter event for @target

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That tall drink of water turned out to be the founder of Method Cleaning Products and was co-hosting the event I was attending. I completely embarrassed myself.

Well it turns out I have a knack for taking pictures of the CEO’s or founders of major companies without any actual intention to do so.

Last Thursday I attended the opening of the latest Pottery Barn Teen brick and mortar store in Strawberry Village just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

PB Teen Mill Valley is a gorgeous space. I was really impressed with the different collaborations they are doing and while it still felt like Pottery Barn, it was fresh, creative, inspiring and fun.

Pottery Barn Teen Mill Valley

Chloe was dancing that night or else I would have brought her with me. I was taking pictures of things I knew she would like to show her when I got home.

They are collaborating with the Junk Gypsies. I love every piece of this line.

PB Teen is collaborating with Junk Gypsy. I love every piece of this line.

I bought her that little meow tray from the Emily &

I bought Chloe that little meow tray from the Emily & Meritt Collection

I did an Instagram shot and then I posted this picture on Facebook:

pottery barn teen mill valley

I didn’t really pay much attention to the tall blonde woman in the corner. She was actually the only person who clearly showed up in any of my shots which is odd considering the place was packed.

Over the weekend while at a friend’s house I found out who she was.

Here is the actual conversation that took place:

“The new Pottery Barn Teen store looks incredible. I can’t wait to check it out. Did you know that you posted a picture of the CEO of Williams-Sonoma on your Facebook Page?”

“What?! Really?”

“Yes, her name is Laura Alber. She started the Pottery Barn Kids division and worked herself up the ranks and she is now the CEO.”

ceo williams sonoma inc

Laura Alber

I burst out laughing because this is now the second time I have posted a picture to social media with an “executive photo bomb”.

Thankfully I didn’t totally embarrass myself this time with some obnoxious comment like, “I’m up here in Marin where every single attendee to this event is 5’10″ and blonde except me.”

I wonder who I’ll accidentally photograph at the next party I go to…

I’m sure my knack is going to land me on every PR list on the planet.


p.s. PB Teen totally sold me on their YouTube channel with this video. I’ve been a country convert since I booked my first commercial 7 years ago for a local country music station.


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