Munchery Saves the Day

I really enjoy cooking. I enjoy feeding my kids. Steve and I usually shop at a few different grocery stores weekly to cover all our needs. We are really lucky to live in an area that has so much access to fresh fruits and vegetables and local food makers. We try to take advantage of that.

But one day our kitchen looked like this:


Our house is deep in renovation mode right now. It is really exciting, but we don’t have the funds to move out into another residence so we decided to make do and all of us, Steve, the three girls, our nanny and the dog are living in the downstairs playroom area which has one bedroom and a bath. Yikes!! It’s been a little cozy to say the least.

I set up this makeshift kitchen space and we have a fridge down here too.


We were getting by on cereal, yogurt, sandwiches and roasted chickens from the store. We were managing. Then I found out about Munchery.

Munchery is a service that delivers locally made, high quality meals to your door within 20 minutes. Their menu looked pretty awesome, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical. Preparing large amounts of food and maintaining food quality can be difficult.

Munchery found out about our lack of kitchen and steady diet of peanut butter sandwiches and offered to let us try out their service for a week in exchange for a blog post.

Before I committed to doing the post, I wanted to pay for the first delivery myself so I wouldn’t be biased by the free food. Everyone loves a free dinner, but when you pay for it, you expect it to be worth it.


I was going to work the first night, so I ordered our nanny Chelsea, Phoebe and Ella pesto chicken dishes while Steve and Chloe got seared tuna nicoise salads. I tried some of the pesto chicken on my way out the door. It was delicious. Everyone was happy and fed. I was hooked.

We started ordering Munchery every night for dinner.

The meals come packaged in microwave safe containers and they arrive cold. The containers are also compostable or recyclable, a major plus.



It’s hard to keep warm food fresh tasting. Munchery cooks their food to the correct level of doneness so to speak and then when you reheat it for a few minutes in the microwave, it really comes out perfectly.

Munchery Salmon

Salmon with garlic aioli sauce, rice and snap peas.

They even have kids meals! Although, I will say if you have an extremely picky eater this service won’t work for you. Ella once said a pasta dish had too much cheese and Phoebe didn’t like the pepper on the bbq chicken drumsticks.

Chicken fingers, veggies and ranch dipping sauce.

Chicken fingers, veggies and ranch dipping sauce.

We have been thrilled with the Munchery service. The delivery team is awesome and seem genuinely happy to deliver food. Every meal has been super yummy and it has been such a relief to be able to feed my family healthy meals throughout this renovation period.

My oldest daughter Chloe recently started her own Instagram account (as a private user of course!) and shared her love for Munchery too. It was so cute to see her post.

Munchery food delivery

I could not recommend Munchery more. The prices are reasonable and they even have flash sales daily on select dishes. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you should absolutely try Munchery out. Just enter your zip code to see if they deliver to your area. Even if your kitchen isn’t a construction zone, some nights it may just be easier to order in some yummy food. You can use my special code oururbanplayground for $15 off your first order! 

Thanks so much Munchery for helping our family stay full during this challenging time!

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